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    How do I format my entries?
    If I want to indent the beginning of a paragraph, or insert line break between ideas? Is this all done in HTML?

    If so, could someone please remind me how to indent paragraphs other than using  

    I remember line breaks:


    If you are using the visual editor, blank lines between paragraphs are automatic. Just make sure that before you start writing that the “style” pulldown on the left end of the bottom toolbar says, “paragraph.”

    Indenting paragraphs requires manual insertion of HTML code.



    I’ve visited “”, but I cannot find the option to turn on my visual editor. I have followed the instructions and looked under User > Profile.

    I do have the top line of the visual editor, however not the extension below this. Only the line consisting of Bold, Italic, Bullet Lists, Number Lists, etc.

    Please help!



    Nevermind! I figured it out. However, I am still confused after reading the forum posts about indenting text.


    Go to users > your profile in your dashboard. Under Personal Options (the section at the top) to the left of “Visual Editor” checkmark the box that says, “Use the visual editor when writing”. Then click “update profile” at the bottom of the page.


    To indent paragraphs, you have to switch to the “HTML” tab and then at the beginning of each paragraph you wish to be indented, put <p style="margin-left:0.5in;text-indent:-0.25in;"> and then at the end of that paragraph put `</p>



    I lub you. Thanks again!


    Actually I’m sorry, that code was taken from another post, and it is incorrect. This code at the beginning of a paragraph <p style="margin-left:0;text-indent:.5in;"> and then this code at the end </p>



    One more thing: is it possible to break a post into two columns?


    You actually might want to go with .25in on the text-indent.


    Well, the third time is the charm. You don’t need the “margin-left” part, just put this at the beginning <p style="text-indent:.5in;">



    I’ll toy around with the indent code and I’m sure I’ll figure it out, but is it possible to break a post into two columns?


    No, doing two columns would require hacking the underlying PHP theme files, and possibly the wordpress PHP files, and that isn’t allowed here. It’s a multi-user platform and we all share the same files so any change by one person would effect everyone using that theme.



    Case closed. Gracias!


    You’re welcome.


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    I could well be wrong, but you could make a table so that your post would appear to have two columns .


    Let me point out that the code in the thread tsp initially linked to is for HANGING indentation (indenting all lines of a paragraph except the first). And the first code he pasted here is for first-line indentation PLUS hanging indentation. The last one is correct.

    And case not closed – two columns ARE possible with HTML:

    <div STYLE="float:left;width:50%">
    <p STYLE="padding-right:1em">TEXT</p></div>
    <div STYLE="float:right;width:50%">
    <p STYLE="padding-left:1em">TEXT</p></div>

    The above is for single paragraph columns – replace “p” with “span” if you need more than one paragraphs. And note that if the two columns are unequal and there’s more text following, it will wrap around (i.e. start from where the shortest paragraph ends). Two columns of text can also be done with codes for tables.


    The title of the post where I got it is “how do I indent paragraphs” and the first line of the OP’s post is, “is it possible to have a paragraph with an indentation at the beginning? . That to me, is paragraph indenting, not hanging indents. That is why I pulled it out of that post.

    The text will not flow from one to the other though, so you will have to adjust things manually to keep the columns somewhat even in length. Too much work for this blogger.


    Since that referenced thread is closed, I cannot add the proper tags to it to avoid confusion in the future.


    Yeah, I saw that too, that’s why i pointed it out here: that thread answer is plain wrong.

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