Formatting: Font, Sizing, Spacing, etc.

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    I use MistyLook theme by Sadish at and I’m constantly faced with formatting difficulties and I don’t know why. When I start a new blog, I normally include a 4 x 6 image and begin my text below it. What happens next leaves me frustrated each time and every time. When I finish a paragraph, I would copy the text and paste it in Microsoft Word and the font attribute would be translated to GEORGIA sized 12. I continue my blog in Word, same Georgia font but in size 10 and once done, I copy the texts and paste them back in WP.

    This is where things start to go all weird. It’s as though WP does not recognise and it strips off all paragraph and carriage return and the published blog looks utterly disorganised. I have to always EDIT it over and over to get the paragraphs and returns correct. If you have any ideas how I can default the fonts to Georgia (size 10), I’d greatly appreciate it. It’s just weird that the font from MistyLook gets translated to Georgia in Word but doesn’t appear to be Georgia. I’m lost.


    you have to read this to understand why using microsoft word and wordpress is a big no-no!



    Thanks for that Sulz. Interesting read. Now that the damage is already done and I have months of archives done the same manner, I wonder if there’s a way to globally ‘reset’ all fonts in every post.

    I just experimented with XP’s Notepad and it works well-no extra tags like that of Word and paragraphs remain intact where expected. The question I have still unanswered – does each theme use a custom font type or are they suppressed by WordPress and font customisation only appears because the font is installed in the OS?



    notepad works better, yes. most themes uses a custom font, though you can override it with the proper font tag in some themes. other themes would not show the custom font, but the html stays intact so if you changed themes, it may show then.



    You can change the font selections with the CSS upgrade if that is something that interests you.



    Sulz, Notepad works very well with one slight inconvenience – all the codes get stripped off including all hyperlinks. This is such an annoyance when I’m “fixing” one of many Word-pasted blog entries.

    Drmike, I have CSS upgrade privilege but the last time I messed with CSS customization, I encountered a problem with the MistyLook Theme in that the header images got stripped off and I haven’t a clue how to fix that. If someone could help me get the entire blog font to Georgia (10) that would be so great.



    the reason notepad is recommended because of its code-stripping ability. =) you should only insert codes when editing in the wp editor and not anywhere else, except maybe programs like blogdesk and similar to it.




    I’d like to suggest two things.
    (1) Notetab Lite – it’s a text and HTML editor. It easily handles a stack of huge files; lets you format text to your heart’s content; does system-wide searches, and multi-line global replacements. It even corrects your spelling mistakes.

    Build document templates, add bookmarks, convert text to HTML on-the-fly, and take charge of your code. Use a simple, power-packed scripting language to create anything from a text macro to a mini-application.

    The distribution file is available in two formats. The EXE package is the easiest to install. However, some systems don’t allow downloading those file types. In that case, download the ZIP package instead. NoteTab Lite is freeware

    (2) As you have noted you can remedy this more easily by simply changing the fonts via css customization and if you are patient I believe sunburntkamel may be dropping into the forum to lend a helping hand.



    so, the css rule you would want to use to fix all your posts is this:

    .entry .snap-preview, .entry .snap_preview span, .entry .snap_preview p
    font-size: 10pt !important;
    font-family: Georgia !important;

    you shouldn’t need to re-edit any old posts.



    Many thanks ‘timethief’ and ‘sunburntkamel’ for the tips. I pasted the css rule above into my stylesheet and it appears to work right away. Great stuff guys!

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