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Formatting glitches on posts imported from Blogger

  1. timesflowstemmed

    All the posts imported from Blogger have ">" added to the title and first line of the post. See any of the posts here: I have been trying to clean these manually but it is very dull. Is there any way to automate the removal of this formatting?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Here at we cannot post blogger initiated advertising on our blogs. Did you perchance run advertising on your Blogger blog? I'm thinking that the > character could be a leftover from our software stripping out some kind of code.

  3. timesflowstemmed

    No, I didn't run advertising on the Blogger blog. Any easy way to get rid if the > character?

  4. Unfortunately, not really. You could go to your Dashboard->Posts page and quickedit each of the titles (float your cursor just below the title of a post and options should appear). But there's no way to do all of them easily at once.

    I personally wouldn't bother, as they're invisible to search engines anyway.

  5. timesflowstemmed

    Why are the invisible to search engines? They continue to get traffic.

  6. No, I mean the little pointed brackets are invisible to search engines.

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