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formatting images and text

  1. Why is it so difficult to make the images go where I want them? I would LOVE to click and drag them into their proper places. The Add Image choices of right, center, left, don't allow me to line them up properly with the text. I have spent HOURS trying to get my pictures in the right places so the page looks pleasing and usually wind up removing most of the pictures. Is it the theme? I am not a computer person -- is there any easy way to do this that I am oblivious to?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    Re: Images
    Are you using the instructions here >
    See also

    Using the Right and Left alignment icons for images create text wrap. If you don't want text wrap then set your image alignment to either "none" or "center".

    Another approach you can use when you have multiple images is to create an HTML table to display them in.

  3. Good Morning,
    I did use the wordpress support instructions and still have problems. Using "none" and "center" doesn't work either.If they are only there for text wrapping at least now I understand why it's not working! The last link (onecoolsite...) might help...not being a computer person it could take me a very long time to learn this method, even with the clear instructions. In one of the Forums, Windows Live Writer was recommended -- Does anyone know if this will allow me to format my images and text?

    thanks for your help.

  4. I too am having problems. I am happy to have text wrapping, but I do not want headers <h1> etc to wrap if there is insufficient text to get past the image.

    How do I do that?

    Thank you

  5. @uribg
    Yes windows live writer does allow you to insert images and also has an HTML table maker built in.

  6. @rh15230
    Please post the URL for the blog you are referring to starting with http://

  7. Thanks again for your help.

  8. @uribg
    You're welcome. :)

  9. URL of the blog is and the specific post is

    The theme is depo-masthead

    I have used a table to break the information up as I desired (which is a big CSS no-no, but I had to get going)

  10. @rh15230
    If you want help with CSS editing then you will need to post into the CSS forum here. >

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