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Formatting in email subscriptions for Jetpack using SyntaxHighlighter

  1. The formatting of emails using Jetpack and Syntaxhighligter is horendous.
    How can I fix this. The syntax on the blog uses CSS and javascript and works fine but in the email is just random text and looks terrible.
    Is there a workaround to this? Any other subscription service?

    The subscription looks like this:

    whereas the post looks like this:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You might try using the plugin at instead, and see if that fixes things for you.

  3. @elduendeny I removed your post, which is off topic. Please post a new thread for assistance.

  4. Thanks for the reply...I use that plugin which uses css and javascript to work. On the email the formatting disappears as is evident from my links ?
    Any ideas why? and how I can fix this?

  5. From viewing your sourcecode, it looks like your theme is loading a version of the plugin as well.

    Note the in your source code, as well as references to the same plugin that's in your wp-content/plugins/ folder. That's two different instances of the same plugin.

    You should disable that option, if your theme allows you to do so, because that appears to be what's causing the issue. However, we can't provide direct assistance with that theme as it is not one we support on, so if you're having difficulty with it, you might need to contact the theme developers directly.

    Beyond this, for more assistance with Jetpack, you can also contact our Jetpack team directly at

  6. Thanks ....I had some problem I didn't have syntaxhighlighter. It now doesn't show the code on the email. Cuts it before then maybe cos it can't display the code in the email.

  7. semi- solved Cheers

  8. That's great. I'm curious - how did you resolve (or at least partly resolve) the issue?

  9. I think I was using the older version of the same plugin installed in the theme. This was probably causing the issue.

    I now installed the syntaxhighlighter evolved and it doesn't send the jumbled code snippet by email but appends the text before the code and after the code in the email so the email doesn't make sense given the missing code snippet but atleast it's not jumbled.

    So the question still remains as to how the email can contain code.
    The issue resolved is that the code jumbled code is no longer sent in the email.

  10. You might post in the support forums for the plugin for more help with that issue:

    You can link to this thread in that post, so they can see what you've already done.

  11. Thanks will do just that.

  12. You're welcome. Good luck with it! :)

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