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    My blog is at and the theme is Nishita. I switched to it to show off better my images. Most are processed in Lightroom 3 / CS4, saved as jpegs, have a maximum dimensionof 960 and a res of < 500kb. My problem is that the text does not wrap properly around the images andwhereas, on my previous theme I could write text, upload image then continue to write text below with Nishita the text shows differently in the edit window and in the actual blog. I have to toggle between preview and edit to work out exactly where to put the text breaks. So I end up with images with text appearing not underneath the image but alongside. I can’t see a way of uploading screenshots here but this post illustrates what I mean:

    If I look at the edit pane for this it is a mess – unconnected text in blocks followed by images. The profile suggests I should be able to accommodate images bigger than longest side 960 and I have cleared the sidebar and put all my links etc as a footer.

    Any help on where I am going wrong will be immensely appreciated.

    Many thanks.


    The blog I need help with is


    You just have to set the image alignment to None instead of Left.



    Thank you panaghiotisadam. You have saved me a lot of time and anguish! Very much appreciated.


    You’re welcome.

    As for the Visual editor, note that it’s not a WYSIWYG editor: it’s the same no matter what theme you’re using, while actual font, size, color, image margins and main column width vary from theme to theme.



    Noted with thanks.

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