Formatting Nightmare

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    I’m a professional writer. I make money writing. My clients expect me to work on WRITING, not formatting.

    The editor / update functionality is a NIGHTMARE.

    If I’m working on FORMATTING, I don’t make any money.

    In addition, I actually didn’t get a client this week, therefore money, because WordPress formatting changes what I’ve posted and MAKES ME LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT. Thanks WordPress.

    ALL online editors are garbage, but WordPress is exceptionally bad. How can I recommend this platform when it takes me 20 minutes to write something great and up to 2 hours to F with the formatting.

    I’ve been doing this a long time. I copy all my content to a codefree notepad before I copy it into WordPress. Then when I use the WordPress tools to add extra lines, use bold or itallics, the whole document/post starts jumping around and becomes a NIGHTMARE. Even after using the code eraser it doesn’t work.


    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    You have posted to the wrong forum. This forum is only for those who have free blogs being free hosted by wordpress.COM. All those with blogs hosted by any host other than by wordpress.COM must post to this forum http://wordpress.ORG/support/

    See >



    My comment above was based on the blthe fact that the blog linked to your username is not a blog, and the fact you provided no URL to a blog. If your do need help with a blog then please provide the URL.


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    It seems he has a “secondary” blog here:

    Site linked to his name is not even powered by…



    Reading this rant cost me time and money!


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    I’m letting you know that we are your fellow bloggers, volunteers who have not input about how the software here works.
    If you have a problem with how the software works, then you need to contact staff directly:


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    @ youngjohnsam
    look for your check via email. likely by way of you providing info about your banking to a prince in a third world country…



    I’m a writer too, and I know better than to spend hours farting around with formatting.

    Not. My. Job.

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