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Formatting of text widget

  1. I’m attempting to create a blog using the Vigilance theme, and I want to include text in a text widget. This is the procedure I’m using, some of it based on advice previously given in the forums: (1) I write the text in MS Word 2007, (2) I copy the .docx file to WordPress’ Write Post editor, using the “Paste from Word” feature in the Kitchen Sink menu. (3) I format the text in Visual Editor, making use of the Kitchen Sink options. (4) I switch the text to HTML mode, (5) I copy the coded text, paste that into the text widget, and save.

    My problem: When I look at the blog, the formatting of the text in the sidebar is erratic. Some paragraphs have the desired font size, others are much smaller. All the headings are too small. Bullets have disappeared.

    Please help. I’ve been stymied for weeks. What am I doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1) is terrible advice.

    DO NOT DO IT. Never use Word, even using the Paste from Word feature. The reason you are having problems is, you are writing in Word.

    Write it in the post box itself OR use the Paste as Plain Text button.

    Try that, and if you're still having problems, then paste the code you're using here between backticks (not apostrophes) so that it shows up properly and we can analyze the code.

  3. You asked the same question 10 days ago, and it has been answered:

  4. Also in the text widget, make sure that "automatically add paragraphs" radio button is selected. That should keep any paragraph spacing.

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