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    I am having problems posting photos together with text. When I write the blog and upload the photos onto a new post, they look one way, and when I preview it, they have completely moved-the text is in different places, the photos have moved or are overlapping or cut off. What is going on???? How can I fix this????

    The blog I need help with is



    Unfortunately its hard to tell without being able to see a published post…

    Do you understand Text wrap and alignment?

    Go back to the post editor, and make sure the top right tab is in “Visual” mode.
    click on the image
    click on the left icon: “Edit Image”
    scroll down Alignment:

    Left: aligns the picture to the left of the posts and wraps text around it.

    Right:aligns the picture to the left of the posts and wraps text around it.

    Centered: Centers th picture and starts the text or next image on the next line.

    None: simply puts the picture on a line as if were a letter or a word. the next text (or image).

    setting the alignment to “none” maybe the way to get your images how you want them. you can experiment from there.

    check out the support page
    heading 4 about alignment.

    and more directly

    hope this is helpful.



    ** should
    Right:aligns the picture to the right of the post and wraps text around it.

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