Formatting Pictures and Text in Tables – problems

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    I built a table in Windows Live Writer. Uploaded etc. and the formatting in the Table does not work correctly. The Table is two columns the first column has pictures and the second column has text. The problem is that the text aligns to the bottom of the picture in the first column. I tried a few things given my limited html experience and no go.

    Any advice on how to move the text up so it is even with the pictures in the other column? I can do this without Tables but I have a lot of similar articles to do and the Table function would save me a lot of work. The link is to a test blog – both the test and my regular site use 2010 Theme.


    The blog I need help with is


    Almost all the standard table attributes are now obsolete in HTML5 (valign, cellpadding, cellspacing…) and you now have to do all of that with inline CSS. Do this for the text cell:

    <td width="297" style="vertical-align:top;">All your text here</td>


    Ahoy there!

    I started replying to this by saying that you needed to ensure that you had vertical alignment set to “top” in your text cells. This is possible in WLW. But I see that this is the default.

    Looking at the html for your blog, I see that indeed valign=top is set, so it should work.

    However, I think the problem is that the TwentyTen theme has set verticalAlignment=baseline (CSS). The more technical people will hopefully tell you whether you can override this without paying money for the CSS upgrade.

    Hope this helps……


    Ha ha ha. There you go. I said a more technicall person might help. And there are few with more know-how than TSP.


    Well, earlier today I would have been scratching my head – and I actually was. A client wanted to update to a new version of the theme she was using and the new version was HTML5 and we had several tables on pages and they all blew up, which sent me digging for the reason and I found nearly all of the table attributes are now obsolete.



    Thanks much @TSP – worked like a charm –

    The link to the real revised post is below – so much for Microsoft and Windows Live Writer following the standards. At least I can build the table with WLW and then just go through and past in the new code ahead of the text. The paste is a simple one so I guess I should be thankful – so much for getting to bed early tonight – but the new Article is sitting at the top of the site and looks good – so as Hannibal Smith used to say “I love it when a plan comes together”

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    @auxclass, you are welcome. I’m sure at some point WLW will catch up to this. The same issue is happening on my client Joomla, WordPress and Drupal sites. The TinyMCE editor used by all of them creates tables with the old HTML table code and it is going to be a problem for anyone using tables for a while. All the online table generators use the old code as well.

    Some of it though depends on how strictly the browsers are doing the HTML5 stuff. Some are more lenient than others, at least they have been in the past.


    Looks good by the way.



    Thanks –

    I have an older Post that has a table in it and I went back and looked and it is OK – but the formatting is stone axe crude and plain text – so dodged a bullet on that one – seems to me that a lot of sites could have problems with old formatting to change.

    It is nice to know about the “revisions” needed for Tables.

    Thanks again.


    You are welcome, and yeah there is going to be catching up for people to do, there is no doubt.

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