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Formatting, Pictures, Twenty-Ten, IE

  1. My blog is text heavy, so I've not done much with pictures, and this foray appears to have been somewhat troubled. Looks great in Firefox, horrible in IE.

    I have eight pictures which I would like to have show up side by side in four rows. I followed the instructions for formatting (I thought) and made them small enough so two would fit on a line and left-aligned them. It's perfect in Firefox. In IE, I'm getting three on the first line of pictures, which takes the third one over into the side-bar, one on the next line, three on the third, and one on the fourth.

    I appreciate any help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Firefox and IE without providing version numbers isn't very helpful. Exactly which browser versions are you using? If you don’t know click here to find out >

    IE6 and IE7 have not been supported for several months. I have viewed your blog using Firefox 10.0.2 and IE8 and it's displaying properly in both of those browser versions.

    Check the browser stats fro February 2012
    Browser stats for IE7 2.6 %
    Browser stats for IE 1.0 %

  3. Sorry, that was stupid of me.
    IE 9.0.5
    FF 5.0 (I rarely use this, so haven't updated in ages)

    Thank you for looking.

  4. I'm running windows XP and cannot upgrade to IE9 from IE8 so I can't view your blog using it.

  5. I thought timethief knew EVERYTHING. :) Thanks, anyway, I'm glad it is working in IE8, that limits the damage. It's not horrible, they can click through and get nicer pictures on the museum site, anyway. Just wanted to fix it if I could.

  6. I've never claimed to know everything. In fact the other Volunteers teach me new things almost every day. :) What I do know is that web developers do not waste any time on trying to make software compatible with outdated browser versions like IE6 and IE7. Best wishes with your blog. :)

  7. Solution 1, switch the editor to HTML and paste this after every couple of images:
    <br style="clear:both;" />

    Solution 2, insert the images as a gallery (setting the number of columns to 2, and setting the desired thumbnail size in Settings > Media).

  8. Thank you so much. I'll be gone all day today, but will post back tomorrow once I've tried it. (I did try the gallery, but I was working in IE at the time and everything was going wrong -- never work with pictures in IE!)

  9. @jongleason

    -- never work with pictures in IE

    We regular Volunteers who answer questions here don't even to appease the tiny minority of interent users who are still using unsupported older versions of IE.

  10. @justpi, thank you very much, Solution 1 worked brilliantly. Next time I do something similar, I'll try Solution 2.

    @timethief, based on my experience with this post, I would recommend not appeasing those who try to work with pictures in IE9, either. I wasted several hours trying to get it right, went back to the documentation, and ran across the line that said Firefox (instead of IE) was recommended for working with pictures. Suddenly, everything started to get better very quickly....

    Thank you all again.

  11. You're welcome.
    (In case you're not familiar with it, the bit of coding I suggested stops the wrap-around effect of left- and right-aligned images.)

  12. Thank you, no, I didn't know that. Html and I do not agree, but I'm getting dragged into it more and more. I will remember this one. :)

  13. Hi,

    I've just read your entries here, as I am having a similar sounding problem. I'm working in Safari 5.0.6. I'm trying to put two images side by side in my blog, but they appear really small in preview. I've added my images to a gallery and set it to 2 columns. The full size option of each pic is 427 x 640. I've gone to settings/media and the sizes allowed are only for thumbnails, medium (300 x 300) & full size (1024 x 1024).

    Any suggestions?


  14. A gallery normally displays thumbnails. In Settings > Media you can set the thumbnail width to whatever you prefer.

    And you don't need a gallery to display two images side by side: if they have the right width, you just insert them the one after the other, with no line or paragraph break between them, setting the alignment of both to Left.

  15. Sorry, I looked at your response a couple of days ago and got distracted before I could thank you for the info.

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