Formatting Poetry issue

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    Hello everyone,
    I´ll try to make this as simple as I can. I read all posts regarding this matter on this forum an also.
    I have my poems in MS Word. I want to publish them in my blog with NO space between the lines, avoiding rewriting and keeping the poetry format in the WP Reader feeds.
    I think this should be the simplest thing in the world and that´s why I am asking for your help: complex solutions isn´t working for me.
    Now I am publishing this way: copy-paste from Word to Notepad, from Notepad to Visual Editor, and then pressing Return at the beginning of each line. This keeps the poetry format in WP Reader feeds but also add these horrible spaces between the lines in my blog. If I don’t press the Return key at the beginning of each line, the WP Reader feeds are shown without any line breaks (which make the feed impossible to read).
    I really appreciate your help to make my blog the way I wish to be.

    The blog I need help with is

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