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Formatting post text

  1. The post editor will not maintain the formatting of my text. If I do:

    Blah, Blah. *return* *return* Blah, Blah.

    My text is formatted as if I did only one return. All the text in my post is scrunched together. Also, if I try to center a photo in my post, it just gets shoved back over to the left. Is this normal?

  2. Try using the regular editor, not the rich editor which I have a feeling that you are using. You'll have better control over your coding. You might have to throw in a <p> mark or two to get it right.

    I believe the <center> tags get stripped out but I may be wrong.

  3. What other tags besides <center> get stripped?

  4. What other tags besides <center> get stripped?

    Try doing a search for 'html tags stripped'. It's been covered in this forum before.


  5. Similar problem: When I import text from MS Word, my display goes nuts. Is there an easy way to import converting it to a certain font style and size first?

  6. Dumb question but where is the search function on this forum? I haven't found it yet :(
    Um - nevermind. I found it.

  7. victoriacarolina

    Doesn't appear there is one, right bummer, huh?

    Try this in google: and after a single space, your search terms.

    [so where IS it then? I STILL haven't found it.... must like be right under my nose, right?]

  8. Naw, it's not easy to find. I found the reference in the sticky at the top of the forums page. The form is here This needs to be on the front page!

  9. victoriacarolina

    Oh for.... sheesh. Well, I don't see the pink stickies - read 'em but now have 'em "RIP'd" because all that pink is so annoying and takes up so much room.... yeah, I remember reading that now, just forgot.

    Thanks! I bookmarked the damn thing, you're entirely right - it NEEDS to be somewhere visible and logical.... LIKE THE FRONT PAGE!


  10. I'm having problems with hard returns getting dropped when a post is published. I then need to re-edit and still sometimes the problem persists. If I go into HTML mode and insert the hard return it seems to stick.

    Minor quibble on what is a great program, but please fix it.

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