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    The post editor will not maintain the formatting of my text. If I do:

    Blah, Blah. *return* *return* Blah, Blah.

    My text is formatted as if I did only one return. All the text in my post is scrunched together. Also, if I try to center a photo in my post, it just gets shoved back over to the left. Is this normal?



    Try using the regular editor, not the rich editor which I have a feeling that you are using. You’ll have better control over your coding. You might have to throw in a <p> mark or two to get it right.

    I believe the <center> tags get stripped out but I may be wrong.



    What other tags besides <center> get stripped?



    What other tags besides <center> get stripped?

    Try doing a search for ‘html tags stripped’. It’s been covered in this forum before.




    Similar problem: When I import text from MS Word, my display goes nuts. Is there an easy way to import text…like converting it to a certain font style and size first?



    Dumb question but where is the search function on this forum? I haven’t found it yet :(
    Um – nevermind. I found it.


    Doesn’t appear there is one, right bummer, huh?

    Try this in google: and after a single space, your search terms.

    [so where IS it then? I STILL haven’t found it…. must like be right under my nose, right?]



    Naw, it’s not easy to find. I found the reference in the sticky at the top of the forums page. The form is here This needs to be on the front page!


    Oh for…. sheesh. Well, I don’t see the pink stickies – read ’em but now have ’em “RIP’d” because all that pink is so annoying and takes up so much room…. yeah, I remember reading that now, just forgot.

    Thanks! I bookmarked the damn thing, you’re entirely right – it NEEDS to be somewhere visible and logical…. LIKE THE FRONT PAGE!




    I’m having problems with hard returns getting dropped when a post is published. I then need to re-edit and still sometimes the problem persists. If I go into HTML mode and insert the hard return it seems to stick.

    Minor quibble on what is a great program, but please fix it.

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