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    Is there information on WordPress somewhere about what all the formatting buttons mean for writing a post? Or do you just have to figure it out by trial and error? I could not find it in the forums. I got Bold and italic but I thought ul was underline…what is it? Etc



    It’s not in the forums, but it IS in the FAQ. There’s a thread there about all the icons. Since you asked politely and searched the forums already, I’ll paste it:

    Note that the FAQ and the forums have different searches (and, un-helpfully, the FAQ search isn’t on the page you get to when you click on the FAQ link at the top of this forum). The FAQ search box is on this page:



    Thanks raincoaster but my formatting buttons don’t look like that.

    they are:

    b l link b-quote del ins img ul ol li code more lookup close tags

    But after looking at the page you linked I will guess that
    b-quote= block quote
    del- delete block quote????
    ins ?????????????
    img-image link ?
    ul ????????????
    ol ?????????
    li ??????????
    code- html code ?
    lookup =spell check ?
    close tags

    I have a mac but it is OSX Intel but maybe that is why I don’t get icons. I have rich text on.



    Ah, come on! Don’t you want to play “What does this button do?: :)

    You’re looking at the standard text editor. You can switch between them at Dashboard -> Users -> Your profile -> The checkbox near the top of the page.

    Those codes are standard HTML tags. I would suggest either switching editors or doing a google search for an HTML tutorial.

    Hope this helps,



    Thanks Dr. Mike (my husband is a Dr. Mike too) Visual rich editor was √’ed but I unchecked it and it didn’t change anything. I am assuming all I needed to do was update. I will see what I can figure out by googling HTML….or maybe not….sounds overwhelming I know zip about it.



    I am going to play “What does this button do?” Seems easier. :)



    It is really strange, but I have a MAC and in Safari it shows up the way you are describing and in Firefox it shows up the way the visual rich editor wants you to. Don’t know if that is a bug, but comes in handy when I want to use the rich editor as I use Firefox and the rest of the time I use Safari (as I like the way you are seeing it).




    I believe I know where to find what you are looking for.
    (1) using the standard editor
    Click the link and scroll down to “Quicktags”

    (2) Using the visual rich text editor



    timethief THANKS THAT WAS IT

    This is where it is all explained and the reason I don’t have icons is as I suspected–b/c I have a mac with osX which is incompatible with something or other at WordPress



    I’m glad I had the answer. :)
    Safari browsers have known issues. However, Opera 9 and Firefox work well.

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