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    Hi there,
    I have been having horrific formatting problems that are getting worse and I could do with some definitive answers. Firstly I am not copying from Word. This problem occurs if I write it in notepad or if I write straight on to the post in wordpress.
    I start each post by specifying that I want arial font by using either <div style=”font-family:arial;”> or using <span style=”font-family:arial;”>. This lasts until the end of the first paragraph when wordpress takes it upon itself to end the div or span. If you take it out manually it puts it back in. I have been advised to close my div or span at the very end but that doesn’t work as wordpress has already closed about 12 of them.
    So I have to specify the font after every photo I add and every paragraph which is ridiculous.
    Also why can I no longer have a line space in my posts? Even if I put
    WordPress removes it. I have resorted to the very unprofessional looking ———————————— to create a natural break.

    Is there a way to stop wordpress deciding itself how to format your work?

    Any help much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is


    You have been advised to write the text without any font code, and add the opening and closing div tags after you complete the post.

    For line breaks see here:



    Thank you Panaghiotisadam,
    I’ll try that. I did post about this last week but couldn’t find my post again for the answers.
    When I press return I don’t even get one space. WordPress removes it when I click save or update, so I’m not convinced the theory will work with me, but I’ll give it a go.


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