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Formatting Problems

  1. A blog I set up used to display posts nicely. Now it seems to have strange formatting problems where tags, category headings, and dates display vertically instead of horizontally and overlap the posts. I checked it in Chrome, FireFox and Safari. They're all displaying in a strange way all of a sudden. Am I going to have to fix themes, or is there an easier fix? Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I believe that the Theme you are using is set up to display the tags, headings, etc. all vertically. I did take a look at your blog and I don't see any overlapping. You can find more information for the theme you are currently using here:

  3. Thanks. You're not seeing the date stretching vertically at the bottom of posts like I am? The sample at the link you shared looks like mine used to look, with the date appearing horizontally at the bottom. In my browsers, those dates and any category tags are going vertical

  4. I think there's a problem with the bonpress theme. The live demo is doing the same thing mine is.

    I'd prefer not to change themes, but there must be a bug with this one. How do I contact someone at wordpress to let them know when I'm not a paying customer?

  5. It turns out this is a known issue and they are working on it.

  6. jerrysarcastic

    Hi @John, the issue in BonPress should now be fixed. Just let us know if you see any further problems with it. Thanks for the report.

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