Formatting problems when pasting from word 07

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    ok, so i just typed up a big post on word 07 and im trying to paste it into my blog. however, the font size and style wont change back into the regular wordpress standard settings even after i apply “remove all formatting” to my post. is there a way to force the post into the standard stlye and size? and if i have to type it in manually, what is the regular font size and style for neo-sapien?



    You don’t have to type it out manually, but you can’t paste from Word and expect it to work. It always messes up, because Word adds HTML tags that we can’t see until after posting.

    The easy way to strip them out is just to copy the whole Word doc and save as a PLAIN text document. Then copy that text document, which should have no formatting, and paste that in, rather than going straight from Word.



    thanks, ill be sure to remember t hat next time!


    If you are using the rich text editor in wordpress then there is a special icon on the advanced tool bar which when clicked brings up a window where you can paste the text from Word and then insert it into your post. To get to the advanced toolbar, click on the last icon on the right in the editor (looks like rows of dots in a square). The paste from word icon looks like a page with a “W” on it. Click on it and a window will pop up where you can paste the text from word, and then click insert. It strips out all the code and pastes it as plain text.

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