Formatting problems with posts – anyone else?

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    I’ve had recurring issues getting my posts to display as I want them too. However, I hit a new issue yesterday and am wondering how to avoid it in future.

    After spending a lot of time getting my post to appear how I wanted, I noticed that I had misspelled a word in my tags. So, I went back and fixed the tag spelling, touching nothing within my post body.

    When I re-published, everything in my post was messed up again.

    Why doesn’t it save my code changes and keep them? Help!?




    There’s an intermittent error of which staff is aware. They don’t yet know what causes it, but what’s happening is that all your P tags are getting switched to Div tags. Just go into the Code editor and switch them back, changing nothing else. Remember to change the closing tags, too.



    I’ve had this problem for over a month. All posts have to be written in one sitting — they can’t even be viewed in between because that makes all the <p> tags go away. Even when I edit in code version, it takes the <p> tags away.

    How long is it going to take to resolve? I am thinking about going to a different blog software because this bug truly adds at least five minutes to every post that I write.



    Are any of you using Safari? I noticed this happened to my blog when I switched from my usual Firefox to try out the Safari browser. Someone on another discussion entry mentioned they thought this was the problem. I’m now updating my (many) previous entries in Firefox and it seems to be holding.



    This posting problem has been going on for a while now with me. It takes forever to get things set up , and if an even minor correction has to be made, it just takes forever. Extremely annoying….


    My suggestion is to cut the frustration and go with an offline blog editor such as those reviewed here:

    I went with one over 8 months ago after losing a couple posts due to problems with the wordpress editor, and now I don’t have to put up with any of the “peculiarities” of the online editor. One of the benefits is that you always have a copy of your posts on your hard drive.

    There are several that are free downloads. Save yourself some headaches and check them out.


    I use Firefox (Mac) and I have the issues too. It’s so frustrating. I have also noticed that if I want to post a bunch of images one after the other with a few spaces in-between, after I hit publish, they’re bunched together. It definitely adds 20-30 minutes of my time trying to fix it–sometimes to now avail.



    abritdifferent, spaces in html are rendered as one single space, if you don’t use
    Consider using a table.


    I’m now having this problem with IE7 and FF on Windows, and also with FF on Mac.

    The only suggestion and solution I can suggest is to download one of the offline blog editors. Windows Live Writer or BlogDesk for Windows users, Qumana for Mac or Windows, or download and use the Scribefire add-on for Firefox which works with both Mac and Windows.

    Here’s a good blog post on the offline editors:

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