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    I am new here, can any tell how to format a source code as like as in their original editor?
    for example if i am using c# means then i need the same format how its look like in visual studio.
    i am currently using notepad theme.

    thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi airodyssey

    i try it out but its not working. what i have done is i just the changed the editor mode to HTML and i have inserted the [sourcecode language="css"] [/sourcecode] and wrote in code inside the tags. even though its not working.

    can you please explain in step by step?

    thanks in advance



    No, I can’t do a step-by-step because I am not familiar with that myself.

    What is the exact code you are entering? Including [sourcecode…] [/sourcecode]


    You probably need to study the Support doc airodyssey linked to a bit more carefully. If you want to display c#, you won’t write [sourcecode language="css"], you’ll write [sourcecode language="csharp"]

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