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    Hi, the spacing between paragraphs is not saving the way I would like it. I have tryed changing all the text to paragraph and others but it seems the blank gap between the paragraphs seem to get longer everytime I save. Any suggestions on how I can fix this?? t.



    I’m having similar problems, myth, so will watch for answers with interest. have found a need to put
    s into the html, then, oddly, having to take line spaces out when I return to “plain text” … but then have the result I need. Roger



    Aargh… odd gap in my post above is due to writing >br/< (break)the correct way. Did not think it would stick. Should read “…found a need to put breaks into the html,…”


    What browser are you two using? The only one I’m aware of that still has issues with paragraph spacing is the older version of Safari (2.x.x or older).



    I’m using Chrome as IE8 beta, which I used to use in version 7, has gone feral relative to WordPress.



    Copying and pasting formatted text into the Write Editor also makes problems. (discussed earlier)



    I think that it has something to do with HTML formatting. One may try the following, which I have used with successful result.

    – Transfer the text only (without pictures) to the visual editor, save it and then preview it in browser window.
    – Insert the pictures at desired places using “Insert Picture” function
    – Save it and preview it again.
    – where you find that space between paragraphs are wider than expected, use backspace key and bring the previous and next paragraphs together.
    – Then, chose the point from where you want to have new para, and press {Shift + enter} key twice, instead of just enter key. If you press “enter” key twice, double the space is left behind. If you use {Shift + enter ) key two single space are left as desired.
    – Checking: While you are in visual editor, keep the cursor in the first line of next Para, and then use upward Arrow key to move the cursor upward. If the cursor moves straight to previous Para, it means that only single space was left, not two. In that case, bring the cursor to the beginning of next Para and press (Shift+Enter) key once to leave one more single line space between Para.

    In short, the (Shift+Enter) leaves “single line space” , twice – two single line space. If you press only ENTER while in visual editor, each “ENTER stroke leaves two single line space, and if you press it twice as in word or wordperfect, four single line space are left.

    SOLUTION: while you are in visual editor, use (Shift + Enter) to leave single line space per stroke, twice makes a decent para without extra line spaces

    I am not expert in HTML formatting, but it seems that inserting picture affects the paragraphs formatting.



    Thanks Anilselarka! That fix worked for me. :-)

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