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Formatting Suddenly Changed

  1. I have been using the jentri theme on one of my blogs, and have since I started it. The formatting is suddenly off. I removed any text widgets that I thought might possibly be causing the problem. No go, still broken. Then I changed themes to chaotic soul. It was broken only where the akismet widget was. So I removed that. Fine, changed back to the jentri theme, minus the akismet widget, still broken. :(
    I am using treba by the same author 'phu' on one of my other blogs. and it is fine.
    What the heck? I am using firefox, but have been all along.

  2. Was it something I said? :(
    Just to update you, seems to be fixed now. I installed FF2 after fiddling with the upgrade ... I'm going to chalk it up to the Mercury Retrograde. :)

  3. I read your post but couldn't think of any help that I could offer.I'm sure glad to hear it's sorted for you now. :)

  4. Thanks TT, actually that's what I thought.

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