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Formatting Table Problems

  1. I am having problems formatting text in a table cell. Not able to make a paragraph break.

    With the visual editor the formatting for text in the cells got lost. I tried selecting the text in a cell, erasing the formatting (used the eraser icon) - I then selected "Paragraph" as the format . Then made a what I thought was a paragraph break. The text formatting looked OK, but when I clicked on Update the formatting was lost and the lines ran together (wanted the download link on it's own line and a short title at the top with a description of the chart in the center.

    When Update was clicked the formatting indicator went back to "FORMAT" most of the time

    I ended up switching to the Text area an putting in the following code to force a break and blank line

    <p> </p>
    The problem is that the formatting went away when I switched back to Visual when I needed to change the header picture.

    any thoughts on what I am doing wrong or an html formatting code that will survive switching between Visual & Text view/


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You don't need a table at all, Mike. Remove all the table coding, set the alignment of each image to left, then simply paste this after each image/text pair:
    <div style="clear:both;"></div>

  3. Thanks Panos - will do that on the next how to do it Post -

    I used Windows Live Writer and also found out it does not seem to be quite web compliant for getting text to the top of a cell - had to go back and find an earlier Post you had helped on for the correct formatting to use

  4. You're welcome!
    Does your answer mean you still want me to address the paragraph issue? If so, you need to tell me exactly where you tried to add the paragraph tags.
    As for the vertical alignment, this has to do with the default CSS of each theme, so WLW isn't really to blame: it cannot take into account every quirk of every theme.
    And when it comes to table coding you no longer need to search for past replies of mine; I have published a thorough article:

  5. Thanks for the info on the tables, all in one place -

    What I tried to do with the Paragraph tags, while in the Visual Editor -

    Was attempting to have three paragraphs

    When looking at the formatting by selecting text and looking at the Formatting it would show "Format" at times - sometimes some of the text would show "Paragraph"

    I selected all the text in a particular cell. Then clear formatting with the eraser thing, then click on "Paragraph" to try and put all the text in a cell to Paragraph - then when I put the cursor at the desired point and hit Enter things looked fine until I saved the changes - then some of the formatting would get lost

    My thought is that I might be doing things in the wrong sequence or something or I was running against the limit of the editor, but seems to me that having the editor limited like I was seeing does not make sense either.

    When I had problems in the past with Paragraph I would just select the problem text, set formatting to Paragraph and the worst I had to do was delete a space of two to make the text into a single block and hit Enter and the Paragraph space would show up -

    One issue that might have tripped me up was the word wrap since the table has shorter lines than the regular non table area

    I am would like to know what I was doing wrong in case I want to do a table in the future


  6. In general, the Visual editor cannot be trusted when the Text editor contains code, because you can never be sure what exactly you are selecting.
    Re paragraphs in particular, the problem is that they aren't formed correctly when they start immediately after a tag that defines another section (such as a div tag or a td tag). In such cases make sure you enter a blank line before the first paragraph and a blank line after the last one (in the Text editor). For example, don't do this:


    Do this:

  7. Thanks for the help

    I have gotten hammered a few times in the past with the Visual Editor and the selection of text or where I wanted to insert a new word or character and needing to switch to the Text Editor to get the insertion point outside the formatting

  8. You're welcome!

    Addition to previous suggestion:
    You can enter paragraph breaks as in the last example, or you can add p tags manually, for example:

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