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    I uploaded an an image and formatted a story in text below it. When i logged on this morning the image was no longer there. I managed to re-upload but now cannot get the text underneath it (I’ve had this problem before) so the story looks really weird with straggling lines. All i want is to have the story underneath the photo. Any help much appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is



    Please give us a direct link to the post, and also a direct link to the photo.


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    You can either center the picture, or have it on the left with no text beside it.
    Take a look at this picture from the support documents:
    Pay attention to the red number 5 where you choose how to align an image: the options are left, right, center, or none.
    A picture aligned in the center will appear in the center of your post area above text which follows.
    A picture aligned with “none” will be on the left with text below it, blank space to the right.

    Looking at your post, it might look nice if you chose the alignleft option. Your text is longer than the picture, but if you were to go into the advanced settings you could adjust the vertical space on the line that says image properties. Put a number, say perhaps “15” in the box. Update.

    Here is the complete support article where that picture appears:


    Hi 1tess
    Thanks for your reply but i’d already done all that – with no success.
    I’ve just managed to sort the stray word out but still can’t move the text to below the image – it’s SO frustrating! I love WordPress in every way except the difficulty i always have with including an image with a post!

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