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    Hello All,

    I am working off the Ambiru Theme and having a difficult time formatting the menu in such a way that it appears the same in different browsers.

    In one of my browsers (Firefox 2.0) the menu is shifted to the left…. on another computer and browser (Safari 5.0) the items in the menu occupies two lines.

    My website is


    The blog I need help with is



    I don’t help with CSS but I do know the latest stable version of Firefox is 5.0 and you can upgrade any browser here >


    You cannot make it appear exactly the same in all browser because all browsers render web pages differently. It simply cannot be done. FF2, IE6 and older versions of other browsers are also not supported anymore since they have long since been left behind by the web.

    On the menu, tighten up the spacing between tabs. In the following, edit the 13px value till things don’t go to the second line. Do know though that if someone has set a larger minimum font size in their browser then your adjustments are thrown out the window and it may still go to a second line. Same if they have set their browser on a + zoom level. You have no control over how people set their browsers.

    #nav ul li {
    margin: 6px 5px 1px 13px;

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