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formatting text with photos

  1. In LJ I could right click the mouse on my photos and get a properties box where I could adjust borders, Vspace, Hspace, and text alignment. I've searched the forums but can't find an explantion of how I do that here. How do I adjust the text alignment and wrap it around my photos? So far, the ones on my blog that are aligned that way were either transferred or pasted from my old blog.

  2. (1) This welcome to wordpress resources threads tells you where to go to find answers to questions

    (2) This thread from the FAQs provides the instructions you are looking for
    As your are using the Cutline theme then the FAQs has links to additional information you'll need to check out as well

    (3) This FAQs thread is about optimizing your images prior to uploading them and provides links to free programs

    (4) This thread lists the maximum sizes for the blogging spaces in each theme

    (5) This thread describes how to upload images into pages and posts

    (6) This thread tells you how to place an image in your sidebar

    Happy blogging!

  3. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction:-)

  4. You're most welcome. :)

  5. Just remember that vspace and hspace doesn't work in some browsers.

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