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Formatting Title Text

  1. I'm new to WordPress, and maybe I'm just slow, but is there anyway to format the text for the title of a post (i.e. strikethrough, bold, italics, etc.)?

  2. Have you tried it? :)

    Looks like I can do italics on mine.

    Try using the html code.

  3. I know how to edit the html in the body of the post, but not for the title. Like I said, I'm not all that code-inclined.

  4. OK, I'm lost here. You know how to use html in the text of your post but for some reason you don't know how to use the same html within the title of your post?

  5. It's possible I'm missing something completely obvious here. I know how to go into and edit the HTML code in the body of the post (by clicking on the button that says "HTML"), but that's just for the body of the post. Not the title.

    I apologize for being a complete moron with this.

  6. cakeordeath: Just write the HTML tags right into the title field. I haven't tried it myself, but it may very well work.

    Like this:

    <em>This is an emphasized title</em>

  7. The title line will take html tags. (The bold would be worthless though as most themes aready have it in bold.) The sample link above gives a post where I used the italics.

    I think what cakeordeath is saying though is he or she does not know the html tags in question. Here's a cheat sheet of the most common ones. You may want to review the ones listed under text tags.

    Hope this helps,

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