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    Dear all,
    I created the blog with main goal to create a forum where my teammates can post and organize matches. I have the fear that in order to have a forum, I must upgrade (thus leaving the free version). Please tell me that I can let that fear go and somehow I can create a forum. I am looking for a really simple forum, the most simple you can imagine.
    It would be tragical irony ( as the ancient Greeks used to say ), that I know how to write code to create a forum from scratch ( yes, I am a programmer ) and not able to use one :/

    The blog I need help with is


    No forum would be permitted on

    The platform isn’t set up that way for security reasons.


    There are all sorts of free forum sites out there if that’s all you want.



    Thank you for your answer.
    Well if you have a click to the blog, I already got hooked up with it. Today I shared it on facebook 3 hours ago and I have 188 views :D I really like it!

    So what you are saying is that it is impossible to attach a forum in the blog… Is there any other alternative for the forum that can be attached to the forum?


    Would be brilliant if there was an add forum option, would be really useful. I am having to do the same, and find a forum to link with my wordpress. Just a really silly work around!


    Again, there are many sites out here where you can create a forum for free. They can’t be incorporated into WP, but I suppose you could link to them once you have one set up related to your WP site.

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