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    By chance, is there a dedicated, community-based support forum just for blogger newbies like myself? Someplace we can ping ideas and questions and learn off of one another? thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, There isn’t a dedicated forum for new users, but you can engage with other new users over at the Daily Post weekly First Friday and Community Pool posts.

    You’ll also find there Blogging U, which has self-help courses for learning WordPressdotcom.

    Other resources you might be interested in:

    Support documentation for WordPressdotcom sites can be found at:

    Other learning resources:

    Let me know if you have any questions about that.


    Thanks justjennifer. I was mostly looking to connect with other new bloggers to bounce ideas off, share tips and help each other. I will keep an eye on The Daily Post and Community Pool.



    You’re welcome. You’ll find all that on the weekly Community Pool posts. And of course if you have technical questions about your site, this is the place for those. :)

    Happy blogging.


    Hmm… everywhere I seem to go on both The Daily Post and the Community Pool (for the current week) when I scroll down I see “Comments Closed”. Trying to figure out where to post non-technical questions as a new blogger.



    Hello again,

    The Community Pool and First Friday are weekly posts, so only the most recent one should be open for comments, although it does indeed look like the last Community Pool from the 17th is already closed. You’ll need to wait for the next one, which should be tomorrow the 24th.

    As of this writing the latest First Friday is still open



    Also, going through those resources I mentioned above may answer some of your questions.

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