Forum issues listed as not resolved and available to the public via my blog addr

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    Earlier this week, I had two different issues which I brought to forum questions, both of which were handily answered by timethief. The first was whether any of my content was a little too mature for a general audience (it clearly isn’t. By the list of no-nos timethief e-mailed me, I am quite tame and totally decent by comparison). The second issue was about difficulties I encountered when trying to get a text widget to accept a PayPal button instead of leaving it as a sticky post on my home page. Finally, I accepted that it wasn’t going to work, probably because my theme wasn’t one of the ones which would allow it; so, I left it as a sticky post. As far as I’m concerned, both issues have been resolved, thanks to the answers of timethief, and I was unaware that I had to write back in to Forum Questions in order to get the problems dismissed. The very aggravating problem I am encountering now is that both issues are all that can be seen of my blog/website when, for instance, my mother just tried to access my blog/website on her computer at the address above. I don’t understand why Forum Questions are on the Internet connected with my site instead of people being allowed to visit my blog/website itself. Can anyone help? Thanks very much.

    The blog I need help with is



    Iinformation in forum threads is a community resource and we are all expected to search threads and documentaion before posting to the forums. Active forum threads are not edited by Staff unless there is a breach of forum code of conduct or sensitive peronal infomation is posted into them. Threads are not closed until month’s end. In order for those forum questions not to be at the top of search results you need to publish, publish, publish blog content.



    Oops! I forgot to say that as you created this thread you ought to be able to enter the top of it and mark it “resolved”.

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