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Forum Languages Other Than English

  1. How about a sticky at the top of the Support Forum that has links to Support Forums other than English? I only found one article from 2007 that mentions other languages and an entry in the Forum that refers to a sticky that is no longer present about other languages.

    Make it much easier to refer people to the proper help area in a language they are more comfortable with.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've asked for that at least a couple times and I think it ought to be prominently in the sidebar, right near the top. If you want to copy and paste this and save it, at least you will have a list. There could be more, but these were the only ones I could ferret out using Google. Of course there is always the possibility that putting so many links into this reply will get me slammed as a spammer.

  3. Thanks folks - now all we need to do is get it saved somewhere that is easy to see - like at the top of the sidebar or as a sticky.

    Lets make it easy for us to help people.

  4. @tess, thanks for posting all those. I was missing some and I have updated my list.

  5. @Richard,
    I was just too tired to figure out which ones were missing so just copy-pasted the list.

  6. @tess, that is fine, and thanks for making it a sticky.

  7. Just a note, I'm unsticking this thread and replacing it with a new closed and updated one. Thank you all for your help with this.

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