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Forum members who die

  1. Well, not the ones I know on forums or not that I am aware of any.

    But I belong to cycling forums ..where 1 of them 3 people have died over the past 8 years of forum life. 2 of them in cycling accidents. Most recently someone young of a heart condition in his sleep past few days.

    As people who participate in forums, I could tell by the pattern of communication, that they were ok folks. Some forum members also met them face to face in person. The cycling world is like that because you can bike together with a person whom you've communicated in the group over the years.

    But now gone.

    No, I will not write a blog post, after all there is death in real face to face people who we know.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry for the death of the people on your cycling forum but can't really see the relevance of your topic here? Everyone dies, even forum members.

    Sorry if this sounds insensitive, it's not meant to me.

  3. for anyone who is mourning the loss of a virtual 'friend' try this link:

  4. Interesting, jessielansdel. The way how the cycling forum that I mentioned dealt with the deaths of its 3 members was to dedicate the forum with a tagline under the name of the forum itself. The forum is 1 of 10 different subforums.

    It's actually a nice touch for those who hang still out and chat on the forum. And a little reminder for cyclists on the road and in life, of our short time on Earth. It adds a reality to the virtual community for those who have not met any members. (I have personally met 2 members from that forum.)

  5. thepurpledogpaintingblog

    I belong to a large art site (Wetcanvas). They have a memorial forum for members who have passed away so their internet friends can grieve for them and remember them.

  6. One of the old forum members DID die and we only found out a year later. It was a tragic story.

  7. @Harry. I've never thought about what would happen to my blog should I snuff it. But perhaps bloggers should leave some kind of "Blog Will" leaving it to someone of their choice. My blog would go to my youngest niece who is the only family member to have shown any interest in my writing and who has been a source of encouragement and advice. And she is also an amateur writer and poet.

    Thank you H J B

  8. It's sad when losing a family member, friend or even associate. I'm sorry that your cycling forum has lost some members to death. Were they active contributors?

  9. @ jessielansdel, teach her how to use it and give her access, and then when you snuff it :) she can do a post about you being dead :)

    Have a nice day.

  10. There was a lady who had giant glasses on, an age of about 60, a friend of mine here years back in these forums. I don't remember her name now it was something like "jest". Have she died?

  11. @Harry. Well, she (my niece) wouldn't need much teaching really. She's 28 and has a blog elsewhere. ;)
    Thanks, I did have a super day.

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