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    Apoligizes to Podz. These were swipped from over at the Support Forum:

    These forums exist to support users. ANY thread discussing WordPress hosting done offsite, especially with a host that you are paying for, will be closed.

    Remember – WordPress is FREE software and is a free service provided to you. When you make a request here for help, no-one is being paid to answer you. Being polite is extremely important to those of us who do help here.

    The following posts are moderated:

    1. Those containing email addresses. The address will be munged.
    2. Those containing passwords. The passwords will be removed.
    3. Those that have tag faults which break or adversely affect the forum software.
    4. Those which contain incredibly long sections of code or error messages.
    5. Those which contain incredibly long URLs that break the forum page display.

    A note may be made in the thread or in the post if such action has been taken.
    The following posts will be deleted on sight.

    1. Single or double word topics with no body
    2. Spam
    3. Posts which are destructive in nature.
    4. Any bump under 24 hours.
    5. Hijacking threads.

    The following threads will be closed on sight:

    1. Any questions already covered in the FAQ
    2. Any thread asked to be closed by the original poster.

    To put it basically, if you cannot say anything positive or helpful, or provide pointers that can assist the original poster and do so in a constructive manner – then do not post.
    If your post contains abuse, it will be deleted.
    If your post directs offense at another forum user, it will be deleted.
    Do not try to use words cleverly – if there is any doubt, it will be deleted.

    Abuse or flames will not merely be removed from a post, your whole post will be deleted.

    Signatures on all posts will be removed. Such signatures would create clutter and distract from the information and help we are trying to provide.

    edit: You may also wish to read Podz‘s ruleset as well.


    I’m sure podz won’t mind! As logical here as there….



    Well, a couple are of doubtful applicability to .com (in an environment where we can’t edit or add code, is anyone going to have occasion to quote lengthy pieces of it?) and it might be worth mentioning that questions relating to the self-hosted version of wordpress need to be directed to We’re getting an increasing number of those as people ‘grow out’ of what .com provides.



    Hmm….Good set of rules to enforce discipline in our forum, I must say. However, Mike, it appears you are getting too strict, come on man, it’s just a support forum. Don’t change it’s name to WordPress Military killers Forum, next!



    Actually these are nearly the same rules posted over at the forums….


    Actually these are nearly the same rules posted over at the forums….

    No one’s forcing you to moderate these forums….



    Salam BAxaq gorek nedi! backticks



    Can I just add that anyone posting here who doesn’t have ‘Key Master’ under their username is NOT an employee of and is not responsible for any advice they may give. We do NOT have access to the database and we cannot implement new features or fix anything that is broken.

    If you need to communicate directly with the developers the best way to do that is through the feedback tab on your dashboard, or through email if you cannot log in. Developers may respond to threads posted here but it cannot be guaranteed.


    • Mike after posting all the rules above, it’s really stupid seeing this very thread with Spam
      1) No one’s forcing you to moderate these forums….
      Spam! Not Related to discussion. Mike has been chosen, it’s a honor, actually!
      2) Salam BAxaq gorek nedi! backticks
      Silly Pointless Annoying Message
    • It would be better if you closed this thread to avoid all this. Or you can make this thread a discussion for WordPress Rules.
    • <i>Actually these are nearly the same rules posted over at the forums….</i>
      Okay, but I just felt like saying that they sounded too strict. :P

    Chronoton: For a post on spam, it’s really hard to see what value anyone gets out of your last post.



    For the record, there’s a distinction between spamming and trolling. Spammers post to sell stuff. Trolls post to annoy.

    If we’re actually going to apply the rules above — and there ain’t a lot of point in having them if they’re not going to be applied — pretty much everything in this thread apart from the first post should probably be deleted. Apart of course from my incredibly useful and informative point about not being employees. Cheers.



    drmike, I hate to break it here but dunno where else (and you can delete this): what’s up with (and 109 more sub-domains ;-)?

    just in case someone will need to contact you as a forum moderator?



    Trying to figure that out myself. is in a batch with 109 other domains that got registered as a group last year. They all got renewed last week but for some reason, CXH (and three other) is not showing as being renewed. Email sent this morning about it. My registar passed the buck up to Tucows/OpenSRS and I am awaiting a reply. It is showing as being renewed in my management screen though for another year.

    Some days, I hate webhosting. *grumble*

    (Oh, and there’s only 9 subdomains on that one. :)

    edit: For certain legal reasons, I have to host my sites off of my boxes.



    looks like some of your registars (in the resellers chain) either “forgot” to update your zone or messed w/ DNS.

    TWC whois says (as you know) it expired on 04/10/06.

    just wander, who’s made CXH domain unexistant: finishhost –> xxx –> skiplink/TWC SRS?

    [curious, just to know whom not to deal with]

    [modified as google is shoing it as an inbound link to my former host – drmike]



    The issue is with Tucows/ OpenSRS. Since this matter also concerns two of my clients, I’m going to have to pass on any details here. I have a large number of throw away domains and will move the domain shortly. (It’s going to shortly) My reseller is showing the domain and the other two renewed but something went wrong on the way up the chain. (It first showed as being renewed last week when I did it but went back to the old date recently without any notice.)



    TCW/OpenSRS is just a pussy: shows only 3 resellers on a page (with a huge lag)

    Q:Can I get a refund?
    A:Yes, you can. OpenSRS will refund any unused account balance within two weeks of receiving a written request. Please note that the $95 Reseller activation fee is non-refundable.



    The refund you mention is for money in the reseller account. I always just put in enough to cover the current bill for the batch I’m registering. Dealing with Paypal taught me that lesson years ago. :)

    I’m not an open reseller. I only deal with the domains I handle for my clients. Would love to be a registar myself but that’s some serious cash involved (I wasn’t kidding when I said my budget was $15-20k a month and I’m still paying off my loans. Another backup box is coming next week as well.) and I believe you have to sell them to the public. I deal with enough spammers.

    Anyway, we’re off topic. I’ve gone ahead and moved over to and have modified the FAQ already. I’ll go through and modify the posts within the forum tomorrow. (Already on my todo list)



    g’l on the new host. [meant to get a refund for the DoS]

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