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Forum Volunteer of the Day

  1. marieke1979: sorry i missed this! thanks for the thanks, appreciated. :)

    stocksthatgoup: what has this to do with the topic which is to show appreciation for volunteers in the forums? please direct your dissatisfaction through the proper channel.

  2. forum volunteers of the day for me are panaghiotisadam and vivianpaige. you guys are working really hard today. ;)

  3. thanks, sulz!

  4. vivianpaige and raincoaster. The bestest. Ever.

  5. Thanks! I haven't even been snarky lately (too busy!)

  6. I want to present my first handouts of Forum Volunteers of the day (couple days ago) to vivianpaige and rosclarke for the tips and css help on my new blog design. You two were on FI-YA!!!

  7. I even know what FI-YA means now ;)

  8. I need to give a shout out to Vivian Paige and Rosclarke as well. Thanks for everything!!!

  9. my volunteer of the day: busy as a beemeister today! :) thanks for contributing to the forums.

  10. Wow! Thanks for the compliment. Glad to help.


  11. Yes indeed beemeister, has been pretty busy at helping out
    others thank you for your contributing to forums. :)

  12. Thanks a lot teck!

  13. Your welcome!!! beemeister, :)

  14. theliteraryhorse

    Many thanks to teck07 for your help yesterday on my problem: (turns out, as I expect most newbie issues are) it was - cringe - self-inflicted. Also many thanks to Anthony from support, who tracked down the details of my, uh, misunderstanding and very politely explained it to me.
    BTW, Love the idea of a sticky at the top.

  15. giving a warm welcome back to timethief for volunteering again! :)

  16. Your welcome! theliteraryhorse,

    Thanks for saying thanks. =)

  17. Yeah, good to see timethief back.

  18. Thanks [red-faced]

  19. as red as the hair in your avatar? lol

  20. I nominate thesacredpath for volunteer of the day. He broke the forums today: for a few minutes his posts were all blank, and there was no way to reply. Even in threads he'd posted in the past! There were hardly any posts that were readable at all because of the "glitch."

    Always good advice and insight.

  21. And he explained the bold / no bold mystery of the nicks. tsp knows everything!

  22. Oh, I never even noticed this! Thanks, aw1923 and nerdygrrl.

  23. Breaking the forums? THat's what I call a power user!

  24. a thank you to all volunteers in the forum. a little love for valentine's day. :)

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