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Forum within my blog

  1. How do I add a Forum within my blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no forum that you can embed into a free hosted blog. You have three free options:

  3. How do I get Log-In facility on my blog?

  4. The log-in link for the blog linked to your username is
    The log-in link to the other blog linked to in OP is

  5. Sorry I meant Log-in for my viewers.

  6. You need to read this because what you are asking is done on a install > and not on a free hosted blog.

  7. Hi timethief;

    I have registered my own Domain and I got Hosting which is compatible to But I was told that I cannot use the extra service of unless I host with them. That is why I am asking for questions such as Log-in for viewers and Forum in my own blog. So where I go from here then?

  8. does not web host any sites. They are simply keepers of the free software. Here are the recommended web hosts >

  9. Hi Timethief,
    Please excuse my ignorance because I am new in this blog thing. I do free blog with WP and recently I saw their 'Upgrade to PRO' and they were asking for US$99 for this extra service I needed. I registered a Domain and asked my Hosting party to give a server with softwares compatible to WP. If I will keep my Domain and arrange Hosting with one of yours, how much deduction will that be? All I need is a web site which provides Visitor Log-in, Private Forum, Gallery and other services.
    Please enlighten me.

  10. Wait.

    If you get an independent web host, you don't need ANY of the upgrade. All of that except the domain name is free with an independent host.

    It sounds to me frankly like you are too ambitious for your skill level. "All I need is a web site which provides Visitor Log-in, Private Forum, Gallery and other services." All you're looking at is typically about $2000 minimum to get someone to do this, otherwise you have to learn how to do it all yourself.

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