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    We should have the ability to make forums on our blogs. Just sayin. God bless and <3 <3.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hehe, this would be cool! If you happen to have a lot of users though. :)


    There are plenty of places out there that you can get free forums and then link to them from your site here.

    Just google “free forum hosting” and you will find quite a few.


    Member is blogging software, not forum software. It’d be cool if I could get my cow to not only give milk but also jump fences, but the cow is not a horse.


    About a quarter mile from where I am there is a woman who has a 2000 lb bull that can jump fences as long as they aren’t too high. If they are too high, he just puts his chest up against them and pushes them over. About twice a week he leave her place, wanders down past my place, knocks down the fence where there are a bunch of cows and brings the ladies to lunch in my front yard.



    And would you want your forum to do that? EXACTLY!


    Isn’t that what forums do?

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