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Forums Page Issue..

  1. Aloha all.. Having an issue with adding a page.. i have added a forums page to the top of my site, which you can see here:

    But ever time I click on the Forum button it takes me to:

    But when you click on it, it shouldn't take you any where but to the page which says:

    The Visitors Forums will have forums for everything V related.. From the Original Mini - Series to The Series ( 80's ) to the Motion Movie to the New Series ( Now ).. There are also plenty of forums for V Community to become social again.. These forums are for everyone! Everyone has a right to their opinions, but The Visitors Forums is also a mature Community..

    The Visitors Forums can be found at:

    They are still under construction and are in early stages, but with the help of the V Community, we will add more features, forums and get it all off the ground.. So if you have any suggestions, please don't be hesitate in posting in the forums:

    We have also just added a Live Chat feature, which is located at the top of the forums.. This way the members, and Visitors, can chat to each other while browsing the forums.. Of course, all news regarding The Visitors Website or Forums will be posted in the forums:

    I hope to see you all soon in The Visitors Forums, and the website, where we can get them off the ground.. We are aiming to be the most up - to - date website and forums on the net.. To become the Encyclopedia of V..


    Any ideas on how to fix this so it doesn't open to wordpress forums? Thanx..

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This forum is for blogs hosted on WordPress.COM

    The difference between .COM and .ORG?
    Read this:

    - Lora

  3. Yeah but I am just posting a post onto a page with the information as from the first post.. So shouldn't I still be able to do it? I just don't understand why my Forums button for the page open to this forum? It should just open the page so people can read it then hit the links to go away from the website to the forums.. Thanx..

  4. Aloha and thank you Jennifer.. It wasn't what I was going to do, but it does the job.> Thanx..

  5. Welcome!

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