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forums: usability: SEARCH field is needed. modest link is not enough.

  1. adding a search field with big btn Go! in the forums' frontpage right upper conrner seems to be like a good idea.

  2. a) the forums are probably still small enough to find what you need by browsing

    b) if the search is anything like that on, you would be better off with google anyway.

  3. I don't care about any particular search engine -- the matter is just so called "web-design" and the forum usability.

    forums usually tend to grow fast.

    current search facility is good enough, it is just tricky to find it near the bottom of the topic list page.

    PS search results really look very funny now ;-)

  4. it's most likely that the search function isn't ready for prime time and they don't really want people using it yet. when it's ready, it will probably be moved to a better position.

  5. no fun. it says:

    "Before posting a new topic, be sure to search to see if one has been started already."

  6. cut-n-pasted from the dot org forum, no doubt. or possibly part of the bbPress code.

    thought: maybe we're supposed to use the tag cloud instead? it's not like tag clouds serve any other purpose.

  7. yes, indeed this phrase is from bbPress sources, that's no wander though.

    tags, I beleive, are merely indicators of hot topics -- good for browsing forum in general, w/o purpose to find info on any particular subject.

  8. If you're using Firefox, you can search this forum using these:

  9. thanks for links.

    what other optional gadgets could use 'links' or 'opera-mini' users?

  10. "current search facility is good enough, it is just tricky to find it near the bottom of the topic list page."

    (For the forums)

    Also I would really like to se a good search function on the main WordPress page so that I can search all the blogs for things I am interested in.

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