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    I have had my blog on .com now for a couple of years I decided to move the blog from the .com to org platform to get more freedom in themes, plugins and so on. I thought i could just forward so when people found my .com blog on google it would be forwarded to the post on my new domain For instance google has indexed but I want it forwarded to

    Is this possible. As I can see now, it is only possible to get blog redirected and mapped to the new domain. But then I lose the flexibility of .org?

    Anybody know anything of this

    Best regards

    The blog I need help with is



    Looks like this is at least part of the answer:

    The Support Documents are your friend


    Sorry but this is not what I am looking for. This is the opposite of what I want. THen I cannot use the flexibility. This what I stated.

    Anybody else have any suggestion?

    I have new themes and plugins on the new domain from If I just redirect .com blog I will lose this!

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    Thank you for the suggestion

    I have done exactly what is written in these manuals. I have gotten all the content and links over. That was very very easy and worked like a dream Took only about 2 minutes :-)

    I have also gotten a much better theme and look (at least I think so)

    The only part I miss is my good ranking on some of the posts (or pubs I have reviewed) in google. I am between hit 1-5 on many posts on Danish google. this has been helped through the last 2 years.

    I do not know how fast I can obtain this if I scratch the .com blog and just use the domain blog.

    I am a little surprised others have not had this challenge. Or will I get as good ranking with all the SEO plugins?

    Thank you for the effort!

    Best regards
    Jan Erik



    There is no combination of plugins that can give you teh googlejuice of And there isn’t any way around it that I can see. If there were, I’d be using it myself.

    For preexisting posts, here are the redirect instructions:

    I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work when I already was using the domain on the other site, so I just set the posts here to private and had a static page that points people to the new site. It’s too bad: my hits here were easily four times what they are now.

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