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    hi guys!
    btw if here are germans let me know and write in deutsch :P

    i have some problems to forward my domain “”
    to my blog

    i dit a forwarding via dns like this:

    A www
    A www
    A www
    A www

    did i well?
    for some reasons, if i write without “www” i will be redirected to my empty wordpress blog.
    with “www” i will be redirected well.
    AND it is only working with the internet explorer. with my firefox i´m not able to connect to my blogspot site!
    i dont understand this, pls help me :)

    sincerely yours

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. If you purchased the domain name through Automattic and you want it to point to a blog outside of, I think you should change the nameservers instead:
    Blogger will give you the instructions for that normally.

    You asked if there was anyone who spoke German. If you prefer to get assistance in German, you can use the German forums at



    hi and thx for your reply!
    but there is no possibility to change the nameservers. i dont no why…
    maybe i try to fill in the wrong one? can anyone tell me what i have to fill in? isnt it ?




    The instructions @airodyssey gave you the link to shows you how to change the name servers here which is where your domain is registered at.

    The name-server information you need to put in the box using the above instructions needs to come from your new host and in many cases does not look at all like your host – Godaddy (not your host I know) has many different name servers – so you need to ask your new host (Blogger I think) what they need for the domain mapping to work.

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