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Forward WP to URL

  1. IS there a way I can tell my WP blog ( to forward all users to (I've upgraded :)).

    If possible, the abilty to forward each page to it's relevant page on the new domain would be useful (IE if somebody clicks on my about page through Google, it FWs to my new about page).

    Thanks, Lloyd

  2. Unfortunately, doesn't have such a feature.

  3. thanks

    I'ma suggest it

  4. @lloydhumphreys
    Foolswisdom is on staff and he has told you that this feature does not exist here. I can tell you that other bloggers have asked for it and that the from staff answer was "no".

  5. And it's really only necessary to post an issue once. Making two identical threads is not going to help.

  6. lloydhumphreys,

    although not completely sure what do you want *indeed*, but yes, provided you've bought the custom domain upgrade, it's pretty much possible to redirect all visitors of your old hosted blag to the new self-hosted one.

    for the future reference, please, see Adam's writeup:

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