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Forwarding a Blog Onto New Domain+ Host?

  1. I have recently exported my blog: onto my own domain and host installing wordpress 2.5 at:

    is there anyway of forwarding visitors on thatdj.wordpress onto my new domain .com? would domain mapping do that or does that only do it the other way round?

    Thanks for any help.

  2. That's an interesting question. I see the technical possibility. You could try mapping your new address to the blog. Then you could set this as your main blog domain. If you then switch the NS Entries back to your self hosted blog it could very well be that redirects visitors.

    If it doesn't work out you loose 10 bucks. You have to decide this yourself, I reject any responsibility.

  3. ahh thanks. going to try some of those and if not ill just post new link on the posts.

  4. A last redirect post on the blog I switched to self-hosted worked quite well, and within about 60 days, the hits on the old blog and dropped to just a handful per day and I then set it to private.

  5. thesacredpath, that link I mentioned above results from an answer from Matt Mullenweg to the redirect question. See:
    The thing was thoroughnly discussed in this thread:
    I don't know why the faq still says it's not possible.

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