Forwarding mess. HELP!

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    I just made a new new site, and paid the $15 for (my page is already forwarding there). I have created two sites prior to this that were like training wheels for the real thing (which is still in progress… but that’s another post). I want to know how to make the other sites, and automatically redirect to .

    Basically, I have three wordpress blogs that I want to all go to one place. When I try to add the domain to either PsychosomaticPA or ChristineDiane, I get an error message saying, “This domain has already been mapped to a blog.” Yeah. I know. I want it to be mapped to this one, too. There has GOT to be some way around this.

    Sorry for the lengthy post. Thanks for reading, and thanks so much for your help! :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Domain mapping only applies to a single blog.


    Can I remove the domain from one blog and apply it to another?



    That requires staff intervention. Contact them using the link on the support page


    I just sent an email note thingy. Thanks!

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