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    Hi everyone – thanks for looking!

    I bought a domain ( from GoDaddy a while ago and I just started a photoblog that I want to show up when someone types in the domain name. I know how to forward it to my photoblog (its very simple to have something simply redirect to a different website through GoDaddy) but I am afraid once the site is indexed by search engines that it will show up as, not How do I go about combining? these to to make my not only redirect to my photoblog. I’m really new at this and appreciate any assistance you could give me. Do I need to change nameservers or something? I checked out the FAQ but it just seemed to advanced for me. If anyone could help me do this it would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much.



    To redirect your blog from Go-Daddy to your wordpress blog is as follows.

    Go to your FTP and log in to your godaddy account.
    Go to your (INDEX) page, your home page.
    Open that page in the text editor you usually do.
    Look for the
    (head) Where you would replace () with <>
    Under the (head) enter this line of code….
    (% Response.Redirect “http://YOUR WORDPRESS BLOG HOME PAGE URL/” %)

    Remember to replace the ( ) with <> at the beginning and ending of this string.

    Republish this page back to your go daddy page and reload.
    When you type in your address, it will go directly to your word press site.

    Hope this helps.


    A better solution is to buy an upgrade from for 10 credits. This will allow to repoint your name servers to NS1.WORDPRESS.COM NS1. etc. is a great exampe.




    I do suggest addon only. infact at present iam using that one. my orginal blog is i have domain from godaddy. i purchased $10 addon from and bingo! i am up and google even please me in list with in 18 hrs.

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