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Found a blog with islamist content

  1. Hey guys,
    I'm not sure if posting islamist stuff is allowed on wordpress. I hope it is not. I found a blog with several posts, videos and other things which are against other religions. Just look for yourself:

    Thought it would be the best idea to report it...

  2. Hey,

    I think that's not about Islam.

    That's about terrorism and terrosim doesn't belong to any religion. So, it will be nice if happiness engineers delete this blog.

  3. @omaheike - please read this about the types of blogs that are allowed here:

    and then, if you feel the blog in question needs some action taken, read this:

    @onurkaratas - it's great that you want to help on the forums, but it would be more helpful if when you post a response, that you also post one or more links to the relevant support documents. They can be found here:

  4. WordPress staunchly supports free speech.

    Unless the content violates WP policy, it will stay, but that's for WP to decide, no one else.

  5. thistimethisspace

    Read this policy please > suspends blogs or blog posts for the following types of abuse:
    Personal threats
    Calls to violence
    Impersonation of a private person
    For more see here and consult your local authorities and an attorney >

    Some food for thought. No one has a right to demand that anyone respect a religion they do not embrace, nor do they have a right to demand that others do not criticize their religion. If that were the case there would be no Christianity, Buddhism, etc. Think about it.

  6. @absurdoldbird

    Thanks for the tip. :)

    I gonna be careful about linking for the next time.

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