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Four Blogs

  1. lauriedoublevie24

    I have four blogs: (The Low-Rent Library): Created by my sister and I, this blog is set up as a badly mismanaged library with many off-beat books on its shelves. (Saturday Morning Hangover): A blog about cartoons from the theatrical shorts of the 1930s-1960s to the TV fare from the 1960s to the early 2000s. Hasn't been updated that much, but I will try and find time to do it. (Cosmo for Alarm): A blog where I bash Cosmopolitan magazine. Nothing fancy (unless you hate Cosmo). (Candy's Blog: The Sweet, The Sour, and the Nutty): A general writing blog I use to either type down musings or experiment with new writing styles.

  2. ok, so what's your problem?

  3. antmeecb, if you haven't noticed this is a post in the Showcase Forum, which is designed for exactly that kind of post. So what is YOUR problem?

  4. it's OK. when one goes into the support thread, these posts are mixed in. If one looks at the top, however, one sees that we are under showcase.

  5. Show it Show it! It is the showcase!

  6. Her problem is that people like you are hard of reading. I am the co-reader of the first blog and she has the right to SHOWCASE her/our stuff. I thought that stupid people joined livejournal, lol.

  7. Yeah, she has the right. Raincoaster has made it clear as well. I was only trying to be humorous but i guess i offended some people here. It is a rather interesting feature and many users on WP are running into it for the first time! Hence the surprise!

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