Fr language / (add) New post – Où est l'option sticky? (where's the sticky opt)

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    Last time, it was about spaces before each apostrophe, today I’m afraid we encounter problems with the Sticky.

    An update from not showing up on our french blogs. Users can’t find the sticky option in new posts (that thread on the french forum is about the sticky option that’s used on the theme Oxygen, adding new posts to the slide.

    What am I supposed to do? Try to reverse to old version would be fine, the short version (eg: Pas en Sticky) looks nicer than the new “Ne pas mettre en avant” (that should then be added any place onto free themes, support, dashboard, upgrades, premium themes and so on.. different translations of one single and perfect english word: Sticky, not a progress, to me.
    Nothing matches this new .org translation onto our free version of WordPress currently.
    French people used to use “sticky”! I don’t get it, these updates are not cool, sorry.

    Do i have to stop being a validator in french (fr + canada)? I’ve done my best since long ago. Now it has become impossible to go on this way. WP goes straight into the wall, and I don’t want to make me sick with those things.

    (From hero to zero, the french freshly pressed story of the day)

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi, Jenia,
    I read this morning (fr forum) that the sticky option – and the slider – on theme oxygen work perfectly. Fears are over.
    As you know, I do my best (with pleasure), and some times I make mistakes
    (don’t want it to become a nightmare, with no pleasure nothing goes right)
    Now please accept my deepest apology. I was really confused on how .org could affect our blogs. I’m really sorry, hope you don’t hold it against me. Thanks for your understanding. Have a nice day.

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