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Franklin Theme - Featured images

  1. I'm currently testing out the new Franklin theme, thinking of changing my main blog to it. One problem, though: On the Franklin theme support doc it lists custom headers in the Features section. However, the Customizer does not have an option to select a custom header for this theme.

    Is this a mistake in the support doc or a bug in the Customizer?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Been testing the theme throughout the day, and I found two more possible issues:

    1. There is no Edit link on posts on the feed pages. The Edit link only appears in single-post view. I realise this might be intentional, though all themes I've tested, as far as I recall, had the Edit link on feeds pages as well as single-post views. I use the Edit link a lot when spotting a mistake while scrolling through my feeds. Having to click through to the single-post view to reach it takes unnecessary time, especially on my erratic connection, so I hope its omission is unintentional and that it can be added.

    2. With infinite scroll off and footer widgets added, if I click on a post on, e.g., page 3 of the feed, and then click my browser's Back button to return to the feed, page 3 of the feed now appears at the top with no way to scroll back up through page 2 and page 1 of the feed. Not a major issue - I discovered it more by accident than anything else - but I thought I'd mention it.

  3. Thanks for all the reports - we'll take a look and keep you posted here.

  4. @kathrynwp

    The only one that's a real issue for me is the missing Edit link on post feeds, for the reason mentioned. As only the blog owner can see those, I don't believe its omission can really be an aesthetic issue.

    The missing custom headers don't bug me at all. A possible error in the support doc, however... ;-)

    It's a beautiful theme and I'll be switching to it regardless of these issues, but thanks again for following up.

  5. Glad you're liking Franklin! Thanks again for the reports, they are all appreciated, even if not every issue is a critical one for you. :)

  6. Edit links have been added to the blog page in Franklin and we've removed the directory references to a custom header since the theme doesn't support one.

    We're still looking at the "Back" button issue and will keep you posted.

  7. That's great news. I can confirm I now see the edit links. Thanks for making that change. And for indulging my OCD :-P

  8. Our pleasure. :D

  9. I discussed the "Back" behaviour with our developer and it turns out this is the expected behaviour in all themes and not an issue in Franklin. It's not something we can change, but fortunately it doesn't sound like it was a major issue for you anyway!

  10. Ah, okay. I thought it was a bit odd, but if it's supposed to work that way then it's fine. Thanks for following up, though.

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