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    Dear All,

    I read an entire story about an issue related to a paid domain that didn’t work. I saw answers from the volunteer comunity and is very supportive to see that there are people that really answer. My experience with wordpress support is a good one either. I got quickly answers and so far, it was helpful.

    I am writing to you because I do not get very close to the idea of a free blog versus paid domain. And I have a few questions, I would like to answers to, now, before I go further with registrations and the work.

    – I understand the you can have a site through wordpress ONLY if you have a blog is it right?
    – to have the you should register first the blog
    – the is in appearance the same thing as the blog the only difference IN ASPECT is the the url name?
    – what are the advantages to have a paid domain? the name you use is it yours in terms of rights? for a free blog if you have a name for it it goes for ever, but for a paid domain what are the terms? the support you get is the same as you get for a free blog? what are the differences?
    – what are the differences between a domain registration through wordpress and domain registration through an independent company where there is a contract with terms, rights, etc. I saw that the prices are more or less the same.

    In fact I pay 17$ per year only to have the URL easier as Please tell me what do you know about this. And what are the correct steps to make it clear from errors from the beginning. I do not know much about these. I learn.

    And I thank you for the answers!

    The blog I need help with is


    Member is no longer available.

    The authors have deleted this blog.



    My questions look at this issue from a larger perspective, including starting all over brand new.

    While I tried to learn by myself how this is working I saw that once you register a blog, when you choose to not having it active anymore, you have the option to have another one (or more than one) under the same registration, only with a different name.

    Either way, should anyone has information to “support” this, I would appreciate teh answer.

    Thank you and thank you for the post.



    This is the relevant support documentation entry.
    If you cannot understand that support documentation the have you considered going directly to Staff with your questions?



    These are articles on my blog you may or may not wish to read:

    Also as this subject has been discussed many time before on this forum you can use the search utility to locate threads on this topic.



    I am happy I asked. I read the information you said and the other blog you have. Is it really a pleasure for me to see once again how a simple thing, can connect people. Beautiful. And thank you very much.

    I contacted the wordpress support already. I am waiting for an answer. I am new in this and my questions are “new” as well. I mean that I ask in terms that I know so far about this.

    I understood better from your articles more about blogging. I would like to have a site in two languages. I found a way to manage this with a free blog but I wanted to know if there is another way to do it as I like the things to be simple and the URL to be easy to handle.

    At a certain moment everything went a bit technical and I couldn’t follow. I would like to have a site, user friendly, to administrate on my own in terms of appearance and posts, and pages etc. But I would like to have more options for functionality (side bars, widgets, etc. ) and more freedom freedom in choose colors, fonts. Is as a connection to who you are, which goes through what you do. I would like to keep it simple and clean yet functional.

    So, in this moment my steps are to register the free blog first and then to get a domain, and then mapping? Mapping means that the will look like the blog itself and when I work in the dashboard I work directly for the “face” of the site

    The support for a domain I understand is the same as for a free blog, through support form and forum. What about the name of a domain. For how long and in what terms is it “yours”?

    The themes I can use if I have a domain are more than the 100 free themes? I saw the other blog you have and there is a nice one there. I do not know how to work with downloaded theme, but I think it can be learned.

    So, if a go now and have a free blog, then I pay 17$ for the domain, and then do the mapping the way is described in the wordpress procedure, that means that in 2 days i can start feed the site with information? What about the free blog? And this simple domain you buy, allows you to have also a forum?

    Thank you. Is a long post. I know. And I really appreciate the answer you posted.



    Hello again,
    If you want to have complete control over your blog’s template as you describe above then that cannot be accomplished on a free blog from and being free hosted by wordpress.COM. It can be done on a wordpress.ORG install for self hosting. Please read this entry as it clearly describes the differences between the two >



    Domain name registration is for periods of 1 year, but some registers will allow multi-year periods.

    You can start putting content on your site here before the Domain Mapping takes effect.

    You will see the underlying URL ( when you are on the site and your dashboard. When you visit the site you will see, as will your visitors. The transition is seamless.

    No matter what you do you are limited to the approved 100++ Themes and the base Terms of Service unless you have a VIP site (very expensive)

    Takes 24 to 72 hours for the Domain Mapping to migrate to the corners of the internet and the name change to fully take effect.

    No built in Forum but you can link to a free forum service from your blog.



    The pros and cons of being free hosted by or self hosting a software install are summed up very well in this support documentation entry that I linked to above. If you do choose to purchase the annually renewable domain mapping upgrade then this post will be helpful as it incorporates everything TSP and I post over and over again to this forum, and more besides. ;)
    Setting up a self-hosted install

    My blogging tips blog is on its own domain and is being domain mapped from a wordpress.COM free blog. I choose to have it remain free hosted by wordpress.COM as many of my readers are wordpress.COM bloggers. Consquently both the limitations and the special features that apply to blogs being free hosted by wordpress.COM apply to that blog.

    My personal blog is being domain mapped from w wordpress.COM root blog to a wordpress.ORG install and I do have complete control over my template on it. It’s being hosted by A Small Orange and I do not have any hesitation when it comes to recommendation them as a web host for wordpress installs. Their features, 24/7 support and pricing are all excellent.



    It seems you know a lot about this. And I thank you for sharing it. In a way is more clear now, in another way it isn’t. Just the way things are. Org indeed gives you the possibility to design the site the way you like, but I am not so oriented to the technical part so as they come together I choose a more free option. I do not know about bandwidth, spam, SSL, FTP, spam, or else like these. :)

    I would like to have a site in two languages – please just tell me how to do this if I buy a domain at or org. I want something clean and functional and to be reachable. I like things like the ones I found out on your personal site timethief, where you can see the content of pages scrolling down when you move the mouse over, I like the balance between colors and the type of the font and size of it. The only themes I find in wordpress free blog with a kind of harmony between functional and a clean aspect, are misty look and tarski.

    A free blog can be managed somehow to have two languages . Still I search for an option to have a site like and I do not know how it can work when buying a Here I have to spend a bit of time, and to get back to your site timethief with the mapping domains. It can work somehow for me. I just do not how in this moment.

    There is a critical mass of information that someone is able to receive on a subject in order to just do. The answer is always inside and there is a moment when it comes out regardless any information. And this applies to everything we experiment or live in this world. From diseases to technical things. Because it’s just us.

    I feel I am close to that moment. The rest is work. A beautiful one. And I thank you both for being a part of this “new beginning” for me. My best regards to you!




    I read about the copyright in your site. Is helpful, as it was one of my questions at a certain moment. You said something about copyright and a public domain. How is the copyright applicable to a free blog, a mapped one?

    Thank you for the answer.



    Copyright is Copyright – goes to the author (or their agent, company) of the article – same for free sites, mapped sites – no difference. Putting your content on WordPress.COM does not transfer the copyright to them. Some sites are different so check the fine print.



    Thank you, auxclass. I’ll think a bit about everything.



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