Free blog or upgrade?

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    What is different between the free blog and the upgrade blog?

    I just want to know more about the new things that will be added to my self-hosted blog after upgrading. Will I be able to customize my website myself after upgrading from free blog? What will be added to the site?

    Can I sell books on my site after upgrading? How will this work? Please help me before I make a mistake of upgrading…

    The blog I need help with is



    If your blog is self-hosted, you cannot buy upgrades for it. is NOT self-hosted. It is a blog and you can buy upgrades for that.

    You do not need any upgrades to sell books you, yourself write. If you wish to sell books that you do not write, you will need to buy hosting from somewhere other than and install software from and set up ecommerce there.

    Each upgrade here gets you only exactly what it says it does. A custom domain only gets you a custom domain, it doesn’t get you no-ads or the ability to customize your theme. The Custom Design upgrade gets you the ability to customize your theme, but not to add ecommerce. Etc.



    Thanks :)

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